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Young Living Distributor Agreement

To remain a member at the dealer level, you only need to buy 50PV per year to stay active. Essential Rewards is a minimum of 50PV per month. 50PV per year is all that is needed to stay active as a distributor (to get the 24% discount). I have thought about joining in the form of an old friend, and I am discussing the membership to which I must join. I had friends who, in the past, lead me to things where it looked great, but then I was stuck buying every month and it was way too much. My understanding is that there are no obligations or fees at all to buy the product as a member, but for the independent distributor as a customer is only 50 USD/year and from what I read, there is no penalty for not doing the other thing than not getting the discounts until you reach $50, which seems easy to do after looking at the prices. So I wonder, is this the smartest choice to register as a customer as an independent distributor so that I get these benefits? I`m not looking to start a business and most likely not able to sell this to anyone near me, so it would only benefit from the discounts I`m looking at. Did you think so? I`d like to help you decide! For anything related to becoming a member or distributor of Young Living or working as an enemy, please read Young Living`s U.S. Policy and Procedures document. All questions you have about Young Living membership can be found in this document. Here are some highlights you`ll find in the document: This type of membership is with the intention of making an income.

It is similar to the information above, with some changes. If you like products, chances are you`ll already share what you know with your friends and family. As a distributor, you can earn a commission if these people (and more!) Buy oils for you or register with you. Just like a large customer, you have to buy a starter kit that ranges from $35 to $265 (depending on the broadcaster choice). You only need to buy a start-up kit once (as above). If you want to receive a commission cheque, you must also be registered in the Essential Rewards program. To be solvent, your monthly Essential Rewards order should be at 100 USD/month (100 PV) – which is surprisingly easy to do with your new product offerings. (My typical order consists of cleaning products, bath bombs and other gift items. You also have monthly specialties that you can win exclusively for free.) (Note: there are now a few commissions for which you are eligible for the $50 level, but the $100 level opens up several bonuses, making it much quicker to cover the cost of your ER orders.) In addition to a commission and solvent, you can also get Essential Rewards points that can be redeemed for free products. These points are ideal for buying gifts, stock on hand, or spoiling yourself with something special. Good morning! I want to become a distributor of essential oils to start a business for a while.

I was wondering if this is an easy process to start and what are the benefits of selling? I would love to be able to make money, sell something I am passionate about! I would like to send you a personal email to talk more about it, if possible.