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Wine Storage Agreement

Locked lockers; The risk of a tenant Task: The tenant is required to keep the lockers closed with a lock per door. If these lockers use cylinder locks, The Tenant can only use the cylinder lock. The company does not keep the key to a cylindr lock. In the case of a cylindrized padlock, the tenant must not install the lock or any other slippery part of the locking mechanism, as these areas are reserved for use by the company. In the event that the warehouse does not need cylinder locks, the tenant is required, at the sole discretion of the tenant, to choose and use a lock that the tenant deems suitable to use in a self-service storage situation. The company does not keep the key to blocking tenants. The tenant can only place a lock on a hasp. The other hasp is reserved for use by the company. If a blockage is removed for a reason described elsewhere in the agreement, including the tenant`s standard, the tenant replaces the lock at the tenant`s expense only with another lock. If the lockers are opened or a lock is removed for an inventory or sale, the business may close the lockers at the tenant`s expense, but it is not obliged to do so. All personal items stored by the tenant inside the lockers are carried out at the tenant`s sole risk. If the lockers are not locked, if the rent remains unpaid after seven (7) days from the due date of the rent, and if the company finds that the items in the lockers have a marketable value of less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00), the company may consider the lockers as abandoned, sell or sell all personal items in the lockers and advertise the contract without liability for losses. , damage or injury that has been caused to such personal property.

The company may sell or sell abandoned personal property in lockers. The company is not a storekeeper who handles the storage of goods for rent. The company is not required to exercise due diligence, retention or control of personal property stored in lockers. The entity assumes no liability for losses, damages or damages caused by these personal propertys. 6.1 PRL fees are set on the debit card. Goods that are stored or stored in a year are debited in proportion to the remaining months of the billing year. However, the wines must be stored for at least 12 months and we will not credit the wines removed during the last 3 months of the year of storage. Storage costs are valid until the date of collection or shipping with a sub-month treated as an entire month. All declared taxes are vat-free, which may be due under applicable VAT legislation. Location – Warehouse Information: The company`s warehouses are located at 807 South Orlando Avenue, Suite M, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (the “Warehouse”).

The warehouse offers temperature and humidity-controlled facilities with availability for key cards, surveillance cameras and security alarms, as well as secure lockers. 1.2.1 All value-added taxes and taxes that must be paid for the release of storage goods have been paid and paid to PRL; and at the customer`s request, ARVI will ship the wine deposited by Switzerland to the address indicated by the customer. However, notice is required depending on the quantities to be shipped. If the client is not directly removed, the client must provide ARVI with the name of the carrier to which the goods are to be entrusted.