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Wheeling And Banking Agreement Karnataka

Solar power projects in the existing consumer`s premises for their own use are treated as an independent project independent of the KPTCL or ESCOM network and with batteries. The agreement on rads and banks for such projects will not be necessary. It was also decided that the consumer must receive an electrical safety certificate from the Electrical Inspection Division. Upon issuance of the Electrical Safety Certificate, the Chief Electrical Inspector will confirm whether the production project is autonomous or away from the grid. The monthly progress report for these projects must be forwarded to KPTCL, the relevant ESCOMs and karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL). 2) Permission can be obtained from the E-Governance Centre by requesting this e-mail. 2) Government consumers who wish to benefit from the benefits of the REC system must pay a normal transmission, wheel and bank fee. Aditya Singh, of HSA Advocates, commented on the developments as follows: “First of all, I would like to make it very clear that there are no existing laws or regulations to date. DISCOMs cannot charge (wheel or other fees) to developers. The minutes of the energy department meeting can be read as a wish list of DISCOMs. DISCOM must understand that bicycle charges can only be collected if the distribution system is used for electricity generation. Moreover, the Energy Department`s proposal on the banking sector is also worrying because it equates the concept of “bank” with the “sale of electricity” and the 85% stoppage of payment is contrary to the specific provisions of the KERC regulation. 1) Cycling and bank fees remain 5% of the energy injected and 2% with additional IU charges between the date of the injection and the date of the draw.

In an interview with Mercom India, a SunSource Energy executive, said: “The content of this notification is contrary to current regulations. Wheel and bank fees for rooftop solar projects are fully in line with clean energy targets and it is difficult to imagine how it will be implemented.